Do you need to aspirate before injecting #botox?

Do you need to aspirate before injecting #botox?

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Are you considering a way to soften and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines on your face?

Before you choose an injectable or filler to smooth and shape your face, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Food and Drug Adm

inistration recommend you do your homework.

Find a board certifie

d plastic surgeon who specializes in fillers to conduct your procedure.

Talk with your board certified plastic surgeon about appropriate treatment injection sites and the risks associated with the procedure.

Be aware that FDA ha

s reviewed and approved different products for use in different areas of the face. The FDA may not have reviewed the use of certain soft tissue fillers for all locations in the body.

Ask your board certified plastic surgeon about their training and experience injecting soft tissue fillers in the face.

Read and discuss the patient labeling for the specific filler you are receiving. Your doctor can provide this information.

Seek immediate medical attention if you develop symptoms such as unusual pain, vision changes, a white appearance of skin near the injection site, or any signs of stroke (including sudden difficulty speaking, numbness or weakness in your face, arms, or legs, difficulty walking, face drooping, severe headache, dizziness, or confusion) during or shortly after the procedure.

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