Prominent ears are the ones that protrude too far from the head and constitute the most common ear anomaly. The absence of the antihelical fold and conchal hypertrophy with a conchomastoid angle greater than 90o are among the main causes of this deformity. This procedure aims at bringing the ears back in their right anatomical position and giving them a normal shape.

Otoplasty can also be performed on children over the age of 4, before they start going to school, in order to avoid a possible psychological trauma. More and more adult patients also decide to undergo this operation, as it can uplift morale and increase one’s self-confidence. Otoplasty results are immediately noticeable, especially on women who usually change the way they wear their hair after the operation. For example, they can now pull their hair up in a ponytail, something they couldn’t do before due to their protruding ears.


Brief description of the procedure


This procedure usually requires local anesthesia. Incisions are made behind the ear and they are inconspicuous. First of all, the shape of the ear is corrected. Then, it is put in the right position in symmetry with the other ear. In many cases, the ear lobule is also corrected during the operation.

Depending on the case, Dr. Varnalidis chooses the most appropriate of the specialized techniques he uses in order to put the ears back in the right position in relation to the head and give them a normal shape.

Safeguarding your health is my number one priority.

Dr. Varnalidis always discusses and explains each procedure step by step. He also offers extensive post-surgery advice and is here to answer any question you might have, so that a smooth recovery and the best functional and aesthetic outcome are achieved.



Local anesthesia

Duration of the procedure

1–2 hours

Stay at the clinic

Not necessary

Necessary period before returning to everyday activities

  • 4-6 weeks to go to play areas
  • 2–3 days to go back to work
  • 1–3 weeks to go to the gym

Final result

1–2 months after the procedure

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